We help eCommerce brands create an SEO & CRO Ecosystem that'll bring in high-converting organic traffic

(We bring the traffic AND convert it)

Our unique SEO/CRO system has been proven with over a dozen DTC brands

Results-based pricing option
Guaranteed long-term positive ROI
In-house senior quality, freelancer cost
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We show you a sustainable way to scale your brand without spending $1 on ads

  • Website Audit 1
    We audit your website and discover areas of improvement and revenue sources
  • Keyword research 2
    Creating lists of keywords and keyword maps that will be used in the copy
  • Tracking software 3
    Installing heat mapping, scroll mapping and data tracking software
  • Product Page Redesign 4
    Turning existing traffic into paying customers with data-driven design and split testing
  • Blog Content 5
    Publishing well-researched blog content that ranks high in search engines and promotes your brand
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 6
    Turning existing traffic into paying customers with data-driven design and split testing
  • Link building 7
    Earning high-authority brand mentions and links from relevant publications
  • Tracking and testing 8
    Continuous monitoring website performance and adjusting strategy according to received data
  • Scaling 9
    Preparing you for long-term scaling and increasing your brand's traffic and profits

40+ Product Pages Redesigned

This is for you if you want to


Increase conversion rates

With data-driven A/B testing and customer tracking


Improve average order value

By optimizing cart/checkout pages & bundles


Make a real profit with your paid media

With fully conversion-focused PDP & landing pages.


Turn your blog into a sales channel

So you can get more qualified traffic and conversions


Decrease your customer acquisiton cost

So your revenue brings more actual profit


Increase leads, sales, and revenue

With user behavior tracking and A/B testing.

The Conversion Codex vs other agencies

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In-depth market research

Guaranteed ROI

Performance-based pricing

Long-term growth

Complete transparency

Proven scaling system

In-house senior quality

Custom reporting system

Always Connected

Going an extra mile.


Our pricing structure

Landing / Product Page Build

$1,500 one-time
You get:
  • Product page template optimization
  • Single High-Converting Landing Page
  • Customer journey and UX optimization
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Heat and scroll mapping software installation
  • A/B Tests + Optimizations
  • High Conversion Copy
  • Upsells & Bump Offers for AOV
  • Done in 10 days

Advanced SEO & CRO

Let's talk on-going
Everything in performance plus:
  • Advanced AI content creation
  • AI-powered predictive analysis
  • AI-powered Chatbots
  • Dynamic pricing strategy
  • VIP access to new tech and software
  • Predictive AI customer segmentation software
  • Advanced tracking and data software
  • Custom video and interactive content
  • In-depth strategy consultations

Discovery Call with Arijan

On this discovery call (via Google Meet), we'll simply see if we're a good fit to work together.

If yes, we'll give you a clear expectation of the results we can achieve and give you an offer.

On this call, we'll audit the following:

  • Current state of your business
  • What obstacles you're facing
  • What's possible to improve
  • If it's a good idea to invest in SEO and CRO right now